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Trying to do all the research to make profitable decisions with the current market volatility can be very frustrating!  When you follow a professional trader with mirrored trading, it's like having your own research team and professionals to do the trading for you!  We do the analysis and work to ensure we are mirroring trades of traders with a solid profitable history.  Currently, our most successful trader leverages gold futures to take advantage of the volatility found in today's markets.

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Image by Art Rachen


This fund enables you to gain access to crypto in your portfolio and take advantage of the volatility in the crypto market without needing to complete your own extensive research on each coin, determine the best way to purchase that coin, or determine how to handle the taxes when exiting the position, not to mention that you don't need a technical degree to invest in cryptocurrencies with our fund.  We do all that for you!


Our Experts Are the Finest

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Our team has a diverse background that makes us passionate about the funds we offer and the investment models that we leverage. We have experience in various levels and areas of business that enables us to think about problems differently and find ways to solve them. 

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